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Generate virtual printer driver solution
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28 March 2015

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Convert and print any of your documents into a web presentation or an image with virtual ease with Miraplacid Publisher SDK 6.0. It is a virtual printer driver that makes your document look accurately as you wanted it to be, along with the layout, images, and fonts, integrated. The properties of the text in your document are set such that nobody can copy paste or modify it. It is convenient to use and helps you to change various aspects of the documents.

Miraplacid Publisher SDK 6.0 software when installed essentially appears as a new virtual printer in your system. It supports different output formats like PDF, TIFF, PNG, TGA, and Web Presentations, so on. You can change the features of the Setup Creator to work accordingly. You can enable or disable the format plug-ins like Bitmap, GIF, JPEG, etc. Select the transport plug-ins to be included in the installation, and also you can enter the information for driver properties. Select the user interface to be Internal, Custom or no user interface. The scaling and borders for the images can be set by selecting the width, height, and flip style. Color balancing is easy by settings hue, saturation, value, and gamma levels. With the settings you can even set system options for enabling the MultiPage, autosave and system tray icon features and select the graphic format. Change the Output Settings by choosing the destination to be file, HTTP, Mail, or other given options. Set the Output path, file name, application and the parameters. You can turn on the "Auto Send" feature for enabling the driver for sending images to selected destinations. For saving every document as an individual file you can add features so that the file contains current date, time, page number, print job ID, etc.

Miraplacid Publisher SDK 6.0 software helps you to efficiently convert the documents into images and web presentation while allowing to fine tune the output. The modification ability of the software and capability to save the documents in individual files with their job details earns it an appreciable score of 4 rating points which it is truly worthy off.

Publisher's description

SDK generates virtual printer driver with all the functionality you find in Miraplacid Publisher. You can customize it and embed into your software. With the driver generated with Miraplacid Publisher SDK you can convert (print) any document to an image or web presentation. Anyone can open your document across a broad range of hardware and software, and it will look exactly as you intended - with layout, fonts, and images intact. No one can modify or copy and paste your texts.
After installation on your PC, driver generated with the SDK appears as a new virtual printer in your system. All the documents you print to this "printer" will be accessible from you software via COM interface. You scale the image, adjust hue, saturation and value, get rid of unused white borders, and do some other image processing. Then you can save results images to disk, upload to FTP or HTTP server,or print them to a real printer.
Miraplacid Publisher SDK supports following output formats: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, TGA and GIF. When redirecting to a printer, reduce saturation to save color cartridge or increase value to save black ink. Use borders detector in manual mode to set printing area when you need to print only the document part you need.
Turn "Auto Send" on if you want the driver to send images to chosen destinations without waiting for your input. If you want every document to be saved to an individual file, add {{DATE}}, {{TIME}}, {{IDENTITY}}, {{PAGE}} or {{JOB}} to the file name or path. They will be replaced with current date, time, some unique number, page number and print job id respectively.
SDK is free, but you will need a license to use or redistribute the printer driver it generates.
Miraplacid Publisher SDK
Miraplacid Publisher SDK
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